Make Faster Your Computer

While working with computer or uninstalling any new software, there might have some registry file. Storing it gradually your computer will be slow. To remove this file you can use ccleaner software. Visit piriform to download and install ccleaner software. Running ccleaner you can remove all unnecessary files and make your computer faster.

Besides this you can do the flowing steps:

1.      Go to Start menu and click on Run. Now write prefetch and press OK. Delete file from this prefetch window.
2.      Similarly Start menu and click on Run and type recent and click OK button. Delete file from recent window.
3.      Similarly go to Run and type %temp% and delete the existing file.
4.      Also you can type tree and press OK. It will refresh your system. It will be better refreshing your system while working.

          Following these steps you may make your computer faster.